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At Bluewater Lavender Farm we offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable Lavender Farm experience that is family owned and operated.  Subscribe to our site to stay tuned on what is happening on our farm!

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It is the same old story. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. They get married and have a family. They move from the big city to the farm and live happily ever after.

Yes it is possible! The idea of having a hobby farm and live the rural country life brewed in the back of our minds for a while. With the  arrival of Covid and the opportunity of working from home permanently, we made the “what if” into a reality.

In our search we came across a Lavender farm, well planned and managed. The couple who built and ran that farm inspired us to dream of our own Lavender farm so the search intensified. We needed land with sandy and well draining soil. We also needed a house to give us the modern comforts – aka internet connection. We were so lucky to find our farm that accommodated a long list of necessities; good soil, recently renovated house, near amenities, access to tourism, good school nearby … and affectionately called Bluewater Lavender Farm!

Roughly a year since we said goodbye to our family and friends and moved to the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, calling Wiarton home . Although there are lots to do and every year we have plans to expand our farm, we are amazed with endless possibilities.

Farming taught us a few things; being positive and having a “Can Do”  attitude take you far but more importantly you need the right partner to guide and support you through your journey!

Our advice for all you crazy kids who want to do the same: Be resilient!  Make sure to take tons of breaks yet never  give up!

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