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Did you know that lavender isn't just purple?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

To all the lavender lovers: Did you know that there are about 450 different varieties of lavender and in all kinds of colours? Crazy but true. And so far at Bluewater Lavender Farm we have 5 varieties planted. We started in Summer 2021 with two types of Augustifolia, a beautiful deep purple variety called Hidcote and a pinky white variety named Melissa. These two varieties are hardy in our Canadian climate. In Summer 2022 we added another white Augustifolia named Arctic Snow, along with two types of Lavandin, Phenomenal and Sensational. No doubt these two Lavandins got their name from their long gorgeous stems and beautiful purple flowers. A few basics for those of you wanting to grow lavender in your own garden: Basically lavender wants to live at the beach, so well draining soil like sand is best, and lots of sun! Keep an eye on our blog if you love lavender as much as we do. We will provide lots of useful information on all the wonderful things you can do with lavender!

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